22 Comments to “P-51 Mustang Gets Four Kills, Shot Up Bad, Barely Makes it Home! IL-2 Sturmovik”

  1. noor mobashir sami

    The cinematics: SUPERB, simply SUPERB! You couldn't have done greater justice to the Mustang, undoubtedly the most beautiful fighter aircraft of WWII. I could watch this for hours on an end. For me, it is your best video so far. I am most curious as to which video (out of the hundred-plus) of yours do YOU consider to be your best so far????

  2. Ronald Watson

    Very good, wish you had shown inside cockpit, and damage to the aircraft. It's been my experience going after bombers isn't easy and you do take some punishment.

  3. The Panzer Of Ze Lake

    After first kill: Hehe those 7.62's are so tickly

  4. Alan the leopard

    Nice video, but the Mustang would have never been my first choice to combat (if I was given the chance to choose): the Mustang was vulnerable even to rifle bullets, and it could only bear with a discrete amount of damage. It may sound striking, but the build behind the Mustang followed a philosophy somehow similar with the Japanese Zero: a frame as light as possible to allow the best performances that it could get, at the expense of vulnerability. And in spite of the fact that the P-51 had self-stalling fuel tanks, in terms of safety and robustness it was just a bit more than a cardboard-built plane.

    So much mysticism and propaganda around the P-51. Myths and propaganda are just that- myths and propaganda. Mustang lovers only talk about the P-51 range again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again, but barely a word about her robustness.

    Were I a WWII fighter, I would never entrust my life to such a fragile thing, and would go for anything safer. With a P-47, a Corsair, a Hellcat and even a P-40 you can live and fight for another day after having been hit. With a Mustang… it´s in the hands of fate, or luck.

  5. MrTheedge8

    Good video, but FOR ME, this game is the worst arcade simulator of WWII ever made, CRAZY FM`S, ROF ENGINE ADAPTED FOR WWII!!!
    Simulator is DCS, this a great game!!


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